Break Physics. Bend Light. 

Here's How:

The Loop Lasso's impressive visual phenomenon is made possible by its expert engineering and the fundamental concepts of physics at play. Powered by two high-RPM brushed steel motors that accelerate the string at high speeds (over 30 mph), generates maximum momentum needed to overcome the force of gravity and lift the string into the air.

The carefully-calibrated motors and the precisely designed mass of the string create the perfect balance for the string to effortlessly "float" in mid-air, defying gravity and creating a captivating visual spectacle.

Additionally, amazing forces such as inertia and friction come into play, as the string's momentum helps it resist the changes in velocity, allowing it to continue moving through the air and emulating the user's every movement. The air resistance, or drag, also affects the motion of the string, further adding to the unique play experience.

One of the coolest feature is the Loop Lasso's built-in UV blacklight, which enhances the visual effects of the fluorescent glowing strings through the ultraviolet light spectrum, creating a mesmerizing display in low-light conditions, adding to the tech gadget's charm.

The Loop Lasso is a remarkable fusion of exceptional engineering and the laws of physics, resulting in an awe-inspiring play experience. It's a testament to the power of science and creativity, providing hours of thrilling and visually stunning play for users of all ages.